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A Revolution of Thoughts

بوابة المصريين

In regard to the topics recently discussed on the Egyptian social media, in my opinion, it is definitely beneficial and accounted as a revolution of thoughts. No matter which topic we are discussing or to which direction we will be heading, it will be a chance for us to work our minds out, refresh our thoughts and renew our status quo.


This happened a long time ago in a lot of other places, here and in the whole world and in my mind will continuously happen as long as humanity exists.

For the people of our generation who are still refusing a lot of ideas only because they are new, I want you to think 2, 3 generations back in Egypt. A working woman was a strange idea and an idea that faced a lot of opposition. Think that if you were to live back in the time you would have most probably also opposed the idea, just because it is a new one. 

I want you to also think that (let's say) 20 years from now the younger generations will be laughing out loud about the current opposing thoughts or the current status quo exactly like you are laughing on a lot of traditions and habits that took place in the past.


To give you some examples; some of the recent active topics that are under discussion now in Egypt are like the old traditions of circumcising women, sexually harassing or abusing women, different sexual orientations and/or different religious beliefs or views.


In conclusion, I invite any person who is currently reading this post to kindly open up and question his status quo. You thankfully have been gifted a mind to do so and you thankfully are still alive.


 Ahmed Wafik Noseir


مقالات الرأي

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